Gdansk Oliwa Surroundings

Welcome to Gdansk Oliwa which is surrounded by the Tri-City Landscape Park. If you decide to go for a walk, you should visit the thirteenth-century Oliwa's Cathedral, Abbot's palace, zoo, Valley of Joy and oryginal old Ferrier. You can also climb to the top of the hill (Pachołek) in the Landscape Park where you can find a landscape tower and enjoy amazing view of Tri-City and the Baltic Sea. Location of the house "Słonecznik" (Sunflower) gives you an opportunity to visit all those places on foot. After 30 min walk or 8 min by public transport you can also visit Sopot with lots of pubs and restaurants. There is also the beautiful beach and wooden pier. You should also visit the crooked little house (Krzywy Domek) on famous Monte Casino Street. When you are in Sopot, we also recommend you to visit Aqua Park. You can get to Sopot by 177 bus line, which is about 100 meters from our Sunflower House.

We also invite students. The Academy of Physical Education and Sport is about 150 meters from Sunflower and there is also convenient access to University of Gdansk, Technical University of Gdansk or Gdynia Maritime University.

Ergo Arena - 1,2 km from "Sunflower"

PGE Arena - 5,5 km from "Sunflower"